Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naturally Fit --Free Workshop! Nov 20, 2011

Special invite....
Leading the Way is proud to present

November 20, 2011 from 11:30-1:30 (snow date 11/27/11)

Naturally Fit .... Fitness  all ages and stages of life.

This is a fun interactive workshop that offers a well defined primer of information which helps owners to build the right exercise and fitness program for theirdog. The program helps dogs,  throughout all stages of their companions lives.

It allows owners to play with a variety of strength and proprioceptive training equipment, regardless of age to assure natural fitness.

-Assess if your pooch is Fit
-Determine how much exercise your dog should get for various stages  throughout their life
-Determine the BEST exercises  for your dog given their breed, issues and age
-Learn to be your dog's personal trainer this winter: Therapy balls, Bosu and balance boards

To register: please send a confirmation email including you Name, Phone number. Please let us know if your bring a dog and Number attending Please NOTE, dogs are well come who can sit/or be crated calmly during lecture. Limited to 12 handlers teams. Auditor welcome also. 

Cost: free for Leading the Way clients. Our clients are welcome to invite friends. 

About our Speaker: Jody Chiquoine is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and a member of the American Canine Sports Medicine Association. She has completed canine rehabilitation courses with the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Loxahatchie, Florida, the NorthEast Seminars/University of Tennessee Veterinary School and attends the International Canine Rehabilitation Conferences.
Jody has completed courses in canine massage, acupressure, Tellington Touch and the Basic Science Course for Animal Physical Therapists offered by the American Physical Therapy Association, Orthopedics Division.

The Fitter Critters Staff is educated in canine rehabilitation, principles of massage and aquatic therapy techniques. Consultant staff include: Physical Therapists, an orthotics specialist and a physiatrist (rehabilitation medical doctor).

Jody has been a registered nurse for 34 years and holds a Masters Degree in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner with expertise in rehabilitation, cancer care, geriatrics and surgery.

Active in dog rescue and sharing her entire life with dogs, she offers experience, compassion and competent care to her clients.
Leading the Way offers doggie daycare and all types of training, including private, group classes and a residential training program. Behavior assessment and modification is done using ONLY positive methods focused on shaping behavior.

We have over 25 years of professional experience, dedicated to enhancing the relationship of both ends of the leash, through knowledge, compassion, and building long term relationships with our clients, both two and four legged.