Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Sport for all dogs!

New Sport for all dogs! Gittel even enjoyed this new sport.....

Try Treibball! The New Herding Sport - No Sheep Required (whole dog journal)
This fun new sport replaces sheep with exercise balls to make herding accessible to any dog owner, anywhere!
Just when you think every possible canine sport has already been invented, someone comes up with a new one. This latest one is a humdinger, and it’s spreading like wildfire. If you haven’t already heard of treibball (pronounced “Try-ball” and also known as “Drive Ball”), you’ve been

Treibball (also known as “drive ball”) is a very new and very fun sport. Herding dogs are natural candidates, but so are any dogs that like to play with balls and dogs that enjoy shaping games. This is Kula, a two-year-old Weimaraner, learning the game at Sandi Pensinger’s training facility in Aptos, California.

Treibball is a terrific new way to play with your dog. The game consists of “herding” a number of large inflatable exercise balls into a soccer-like net. Of course the herding breeds come to mind, but it’s also great for many of the prey-oriented sporting dogs and terriers, and any other dogs who just like to chase things.

It’s a competitive sport for dogs of all ages and sizes. It promotes better teamwork and communication between a dog and his handler. It’s great fun for any energetic dogs who work well off-leash and need a job, dogs who like to chase stuff, or dogs who like to herd and don’t have sheep!

Treibball was developed by January Nijboer in Germany (“treibball” is variously translated from German as “blowing ball,” “drifting ball,” or “propelling ball”) as a game that would occupy herding dogs. Examples of treibball dogs in action aired a few months ago on YouTube and before you could say “Go bye!” the game went viral in the American dog training world – for good reason. A “flock” of exercise balls makes an inexpensive substitute for a flock of sheep, and doesn’t violate your neighborhood association’s rules, either.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cool Treats indeed.......

Fun Stuff....Coool Stuff!

Summer Dog Treats #1: Chicken Meat Pops

This is a summer dog treat that any canine will go crazy for. It's also very simple to prepare. To make this summer dog treat, simply combine low-sodium chicken broth, cooked hamburger meat, and brown rice. Then pour the mixture into popsicle molds or an ice cube tray depending on the size of your dog. This is a treat that should be enjoyed outside, because it will make a mess. You could place these summer dog treats in a zip top bag and take these to the park for your dog to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Summer Dog Treats #2: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Does your dog drool as you sit there and enjoy an ice cream sandwich, then why not make them one of their own? To prepare this summer dog treat, you can either choose homemade ingredient or store bought. If you choose to use homemade ingredients, you can find recipes online for dog biscuits and ice cream that is safe for dogs. If you choose to use store bought ingredients, you will simply need to buy large or small dog biscuits (depending on your pet's size) and Frosty Paws, which is found in the ice cream section. Simply spread the ice cream on the dog biscuits and freeze until solid. If you wanted to make them even fancier, you could dip the edges in a smaller dog treat or kibble. This is a fun summer dog treat because it gives your dog a lot of different flavors and textures to enjoy.

Summer Dog Treats #3: Chicken Cubes

This summer dog treat couldn't be any easier to prepare. Simply pour low-sodium chicken stock into an ice cube tray and freeze. The is the perfect summer dog treat because it's easy to make, but it's something you can feel good about giving your pet, because you know what's in it.

Summer Dog Treats #4: Fruit Cubes

Another easy summer dog treat is fruit cubes. Many people don't realize it, but dogs love fruit. The next time you tell your dog no, because you think they won't like fruit, give them a piece and see how it goes. Once you have determined what their favorite fruits are, puree the fruit, pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze. These are summer dog treat that you and your pet can both enjoy. If your dog loves bananas, simply slice bananas into manageable pieces and freeze.

Summer Dog Treats #5: Ice Cream Sundaes

As mentioned above, you can find recipes online for homemade ice cream that is safe for dogs or you can purchase Frosty Paws at your grocery store. Either way, you can create a fun summer dog treat using dog-safe ice cream. Simply place the ice cream in their dish and top with low-sodium gravy. If you prefer, Iams actually makes gravy for dogs that would work well with this summer dog treat. You could even crush up some kibble and sprinkle it on top of the sundae.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Classes....Summer 2011

Happy Warm Weather!!!

It's so wonderful to see green grass and feel a warm breeze after our long winter.

Our Daycare is enjoying the great weather too. Between our outside space and the fabulous wall of windows on both side allows for a great breeze. We love seeing the dogs with the noses in the air catching spring their way. The daily playgroup is such good friends, they just love hanging together. This spring there are some new fur-faces to add to the fun! As always we welcome all clients to take full advantage of our daycare. We offer drop in hours, PICK UP AND DROP OFF's service.

The shoppe just got some really great toys and some tasty new treats. We always welcome special orders. Save big! We don't mark up like the big chains. We have sqeekie tennis balls, and lights for dog's collar to keep them safe at night. We have liver, beef an chicken treats. Soft and crunchy treats too. We have leashes and collars and so much more.

Our classes are focused on your dogs natural skills and real life experiences.

Graduate Handler June-Dec this is the advanced class you have always wanted. It meets for 6 months.

Silence is golden...this class begins SUNDAY June 5 at 11:30-12 this class will meet until Aug 14

Tues 6-7 pm Manners 101, this is the foundation class for all dogs. Ideal for pups to adults dogs. This class is OPEN ENROLLMENT (allowing you to join at anytime.) also meets Tues 6-7. You may attend both classes if your schedule allows. 8 weeks $160

Tues 5-5:45pm. On the road again, this class will meet for the 8 weeks Beginning June 21. This class will meet in all weather. We will work the in the parks and on the bike paths. Also work in Florence and downtown Northampton. This jam packed class is just $160. Limited to 5 handler teams

Weds: 6-7 pm Skill Builder /Experienced Handler this is the next step in any dogs bonding and education. More advanced skills and command are covered in including "go to bed/mat", drop on recall, pre-off leash skills, and so much more. If you are looking for a challenging class using real life situations to allow for more bonding and skill gained. A ten week class. 10 weeks for $190

Weds: 7-8 pm Thearpy Dog Skill Class
Gain the skills to become certified Thearpy Dog Team. We also provide AKC CGC testing for all teams. This is a must for all aspiring to become Thearpy Dog team in a variety of therapeutic settings. Open enrollment class meets for 10 weeks for $190

Friday NEW TIME 6-6:45 pm TRICKS.... Club!!! Learn to roll over, play dead, teach your dog to read! Math tricks, walk backwards and so more. 3 months for $150

Sat 9:30-10:30 NEW TIME (beginning June 4th) Manners 101, this is the foundation class for all dogs. Ideal for pups to adults dogs. This class is OPEN ENROLLMENT (allowing you to join at anytime.) also meets Tues 6-7. You may attend both classes if your schedule allows. 8 weeks for $160

Sat Reactive Dog 10:45-11:45 am this class is for dogs who have fear, phobias or have shown aggressive type behavior towards people or other dogs. PRE-ENROLLMENT INTERVIEW MUST BE SCHEDULED PRIOR TO BEGINNING! please!! This special class, with proven success! Fee $350 for lifetime enrollment.
Leading the Way offers doggie daycare and all types of training, including private, group classes and a residential training program. Behavior assessment and modification is done using ONLY positive methods focused on shaping behavior.

We have over 25 years of professional experience, dedicated to enhancing the relationship of both ends of the leash, through knowledge, compassion, and building long term relationships with our clients, both two and four legged.