Wednesday, December 2, 2009



PlayCare: Our Play Care is in some ways similar to typical Doggie Day Care, but in SO MANY WAYS very DIFFERENT!
  • Our structured day is filled with small group play sessions.
  • Healthy and safe staff to dog ratio of 1 staff to 7 dogs!
  • Both indoors and outdoor space to play and enjoy the day of fun.
  • Our hours are filled with mini training sessions and skill building.

This structured day is supervised by our Director of Training, Shannon Fitzgerald-Mehlman. She has over 25 years of professional behavioral experience. All dogs are supervised and playgroups are guided to promote healthy and mentally simulating play. No free-for-alls here!

For multi-dog households, we offer a 10% discount on our 10 and 20 day passes.

Eligibility: Dogs must be 3 months of age or older. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. Puppies have until 7 months of age to be spayed or neutered. All dogs over 4 months of age must be current on Bordetella and Rabies. All dogs need to provide proof of vaccinations.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm (extended hours are available upon
request). We also offer overnight care at our home. See our Petsitting/Overnight Care.

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Leading the Way offers doggie daycare and all types of training, including private, group classes and a residential training program. Behavior assessment and modification is done using ONLY positive methods focused on shaping behavior.

We have over 25 years of professional experience, dedicated to enhancing the relationship of both ends of the leash, through knowledge, compassion, and building long term relationships with our clients, both two and four legged.