Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aug 7th POTLUCK Summer Mixer!!! Come have a dog-gone good time!

AUG 7, 2010!!! Don't miss all the fun!!!

Summer Potluck Gathering! This quartley event is a hallmark of Leading the Way's desire to create a real community. This year summer potluck will be hosted by Janet and her dog Sally at her home in South Deerfield, Sawmill Hill Rd they have wonderful, very large fenced yard!!! So bring a dish, a chair and you best dog themed Yankee swap gift (valued at $25) we are planning a cookout. Sat Aug 7 From 5-8pm.... See you there!!!

20 Sawmill Plain Rd
S. Deerfild‎ MA‎ 01373
Look for the ballons at the end of the road!!!

To avoid to many of the same thing please follow the breakdown below: for 10-15 people
-Sporting breeds: please bring a main dish for the grille ****(hamburger have been spoken for)***
-Working Breeds: side dish
-Small breeds: dessert
-All other breeds please bring either side dish or dessert
-Drinks provided

Please note this is a social event in an outdoor setting for dogs and their people. For those that attend social or doggie daycare regularly this ideal event to attend. Their will be as many as 20 dogs, and at least that many humans. It is a great of fun! However to be a relaxing event for all dogs should have solid social skills. If you are not sure please call me, you can always attend without your dog there will be many to share.

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