Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Treiball 2 day Event!!! 2 day Workshop!

Lets Play Ball! Treibball 2 Day event!
Treibball is a sport where your dog is taught to follow commands to maneuver a large exercise ball (or smaller balls for the littler dogs) across a course and into a goal. Sound like fun? YOUR DOG WILL THINK IT'S THE BEST!!! Any dog can learn to do it and it's a great way to keep an energetic dog exercised in winter, for older dogs that are no longer able to do agility and still want to work, or just for fun.
In the first two hour workshop we will work on the basic skills needed for the game, such as teaching directionals, how to move the ball around, targeting, etc. In the second two hour workshop we will advance these skills to a new level. Each dog will progress at their own speed using positive reinforcement to keep it enjoyable.
Diane Gibbons has been training dogs for agility for over a decade and has two dogs with multiple championships, and three coming up through the ranks! She also competes in rally obedience, teaches triebball and clicker classes and is an instructor for the Monadnock Humane Society. She is the owner of Deep Down Dog, LLC. Diane is a graduate with distinction of the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior and Training.
Join us Oct 16 and Nov 13, 1-3pm This workshop will be held in South Deerfield. Pre-registration is needed. Just $100 if you pre-register by Oct 15 ($125 at the door) for this 2 day event, includes refreshments. Limited to just 6 handlers second dog welcome. rain or shine.

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