Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our 1 and 2 day workshops! Regisiter TODAY

Pre Register-PLEASE! RSVP by email Discounts for participating in multiply us today

Focus, Control and Recall EVERYTIME ™ and Counter Surfin: Saturday Dec 11 at 11:30-1:00 (Snow Date Dec 12 at 11:30-pm)Learn to keep your dog’s focus, in any situation, including dog parks, around those pesky squirrels; learn Come When Called EVERYTIME ™and so much more. Fee is $40. Limited to 5 students.

On the Road Again: (one day class) Saturday~April 9 at 11:30-1:30pm. This fun class provides the desired skills in order to handle your dog in public. Class participants will practice skills in several different locations in the community. Fee is $45

Make your Own Dog Toys & Desserts: Saturday Dec 4, at 7:00-8:30pm. A great holiday gift for your fur-ball. Toys made for all of your furry friends (DOGS & CATS). We will make a tug toy and other fun dog toys. $15 includes supplies while also enjoying wonderful desserts! Please, NO DOGS.

Polite Greetings, Leash Walking and Too Much Barking: Sunday Jan 8, at 11:30-1:00pm.(snow date Jan 9) Does your dog's pulling or jumping embarrass you? Or maybe you just want your arm back in its socket and the scratches on your legs to heal. Whatever your reasons for teaching your dog not to jump up during greetings and to walk politely on leash, it's a great idea! Fee is $40 Limited to 5 students.

AKC Canine Good Citizenship Workshop This 1 day prep class and test for the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Earning the CGC award will ensure that your dog is a well-respected member of your community. The Canine Good Citizen award is one of the first AKC certificates your dog can own and CGC provides an excellent foundation for all other training. Canine Good Citizen training is fun and useful. You’ll find that training for the CGC award will help you establish a closer bond with your dog 1 day class meets Sat Jan 15 (snow day Jan 16) 11am-1:30pm the fee is only $40, includes the test! EMAIL ME IF INTERESTED!!! Invite your friends! Open to all!!!

Therapy Dog Weekend Workshop: The focus of this weekend is on preparing the handler and dog for the therapy environment. This 2-day workshop is ideal for both the novice and experienced handler and will include field trips into the community to gain skills. Skills include working around medical equipment, loud noises, food, toys, and other distractions. Topics covered include stress and calming signals in dogs, infection control, medical ethics, general liability, and handling difficult visitation situations. Beginning Sat Feb 19-20, 2011 this workshop is just $140. Limited to just 5 teams We will meet from 10am-4pm both days.

The whole Sha-bang: this Weekend Behavior Workshop covers is all! Polite Greeting, Leash Walking, Barking, Off-Leash Control, and Counter Surfing and behavior in public: this JAM packed class. Sat-Sunday 10-4 both days. Fee is just $160 for the entire weekend Limited to 5 handlers. Feb 26-27

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