Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Summer are invited

Let the fun begin....Mark your calendars!

Our Summer Potluck is Sat Aug 27, 6pm-8pm (rain date Sunday Aug 28) , this annual event is the highlight of the Leading the Way season. This seasons potluck will be held at our home. 40 South Main St. South Deerfield

We ask that everyone bring a dish to share with 10 people.

Using your dogs name (one of them)

A-G main dish

H-L side dish

M-Q drinks

R-Z Dessert

Also, we do a Yankee swap. This fun activity is enjoyed by all. To participate, bring a pet themed gift valued at $25 wrapped.

***** Please note this event is not for every dog. In the past this event has had as many as 25 or more dogs. With that in mind....shy fearful dogs may be overwhelmed. Others may may not be comfortable with the new people.

The fence is just a standard height of 4 feet. If your dog is known to jump or try to escape fences you may want to reconsider bringing your dog.

Safety is our biggest concern. Some dogs would enjoy being at home and you come and enjoy yourself. ***** we will also be providing a small dog play area. *****

New to Leading the Way please RSVP to

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